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Sitting for too long puts our bodies at risk for diabetes and cancer; it also causes increased levels of inflammation and a slower metabolism. Employees working in offices spend around 77% of their day sitting down. Many people have no choice but to be stuck in an office chair for many hours in a given day. There are many things we can do to help kick start our metabolism and promote movement in order to burn fat while we sit at our desks.  

Food & Drinks

The foods and drinks we consume as well as how we do so will help boost our metabolism resulting in the burning of fat.

Eating carbs and healthy fats promote fat burning. Cutting carbs may help in the short term but in the long term, your body will begin to hold on to any fat that is consumed. Carbs such as sweet potato or rolled oats that are consumed early in the day will help us control hunger and prevent us from overeating. Omega-3 is considered a healthy fat and should be incorporated into your daily diet. Aside from the many other benefits, Omega-3 helps burn more fat.

We have all heard about snacking often and drinking lots of water and we are here to repeat it once more. Snacking often will prevent our bodies from entering starvation mode which can lead to overeating. While snacking it’s important to keep it healthy by consuming things such as macadamia nuts, fruits, hummus, etc. Drinking water hydrates the body and eliminates waste, both of which are important for increasing metabolic rate. Drinking warmer water or adding lemon will enhance its effects and can increase metabolism by 30%.

Other foods that will help burn fat include white fish, oranges, beet juice, gum, caffeinated teas and many more. Next time you prepare meals, remember to include these items so you can burn fat while sitting at the office.


Working out promotes long term health and can help you lose weight even while sitting at your desk. There are many routines to incorporate in your life in and outside of work that will help you burn those extra calories.

Resistance training such as lifting weights can have a great effect on your body hours after working out. This type of training keeps your body burning up to 60 calories and hour for hours and hours after working out. This type of exercise also helps build stronger muscles, which is essential when maintaining a higher metabolism. Incorporate this type of training 3 to 4 times a week in order to stay healthy.

If possible, try to get your exercise fix in the morning. People who workout in the morning tend to be more active and energetic throughout the day. Our metabolic rate boosts when we are more energetic and hence helps burn more fat.

Doing little exercises while sitting at your desk can help burn some extra calories. These can include exercises such as leg raises while leaning back to build a stronger core. Fidgeting and moving around every so often requires energy, which in turn burns some calories. Finally, it is recommended to get up about every hour and walk around to promote healthy digestion and movement of muscles.

Introduce New Habits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working can be tough. This is why we propose these little changes that can help you reach your goal.

Whenever you have the chance to work standing up, do it! Spending less time sitting down will dramatically increase the amount of calories burned at work. Next time you take a phone call think about pacing around in your office or outside.

Find opportunities to burn those extra calories. This can be done by parking farther away or using the stairs instead of the elevator. Whatever it is you may do, burning these extra calories each day can go a long way.

Stretch often. Cortisol is a hormone that builds up when we are stressed or tense and makes us hungry. When we stretch our shoulders, back or legs we are lowering the level of cortisol which will help us control hunger. Rolling your head 10 times just while sitting at your desk or chewing gum will lower the amount of this stress hormone.

There are many other simple things that one can do either at their office or home to increase the amount of fat we are burning. By staying consistent with these tips, you will be able to burn those extra calories while being glued to the office chair.

-Gabriela Moy

Evo Hemp
Evo Hemp