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Anxiety is the single most common mental illness in the United States. Affecting nearly 40 million people ages 18 and up, anxiety is an ailment that is often prescribed Xanax. Prescription pills can cause substantial health problems if used consistently and heavily. People seeking relief from anxiety disorders frequently turn to or are prescribed, Xanax. While it may reduce anxiety in the short term, Xanax comes with a list of negative side effect.

Xanax often makes patients feel tired and lethargic, can cause severe headaches and memory loss, and can even cause mild forms of insomnia. Aside from some harsh short term effects, that some might be willing to endure for the relief it provides them from anxiety, Xanax can have some devastating long term effects as well. It is recommended that Xanax is only used up to six weeks at most, however, the majority are prescribed Xanax for years. Long term use of this prescription pill can cause dependency and addiction. The more patients use Xanax, your body builds up a tolerance, so they gradually keep upping your dose to get the same effect as when they first started. Xanax has also been known to impair cognitive function over time. Significant use of the pill, over time, can cause instability, memory, and even muscle coordination.


CBD has many prosperous uses both mentally and physically. However, CBD has shown incredible results when it comes to helping alleviate patients suffering from anxiety. CBD can stimulate serotonin transmission in the brain, making it a fast-acting anti-anxiety substitute. CBD also comes in many different strengths and forms and is proven to be non-addictive. This means, if you need to increase your dose to better combat your anxiety, there is little risk of developing a dependency. There are also no long term side effects such as muscle impairment or memory loss, so if you need to use CBD to calm anxiety, you should be able to function normally throughout the day.

As always, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before trying any new treatments, but it is important to keep in mind there are healthier and alternative ways to seeks relief from anxiety.

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