December 03, 2019 3 min read

Strenuous workouts, strict diets, and immense stress are all things athletes experience regularly. But the outcome isn’t always glory and gold medals. With all of the strains put on athletes bodies and minds, it’s tough to keep them in excellent shape. CBD is a natural remedy extracted from cannabis that can help many issues that arise from intense training. Don’t worry, it is perfectly legal and some of your favorite athletes probably use it too!

Here are 5 ways athletes will benefit from CBD:

Pain Relief

Nothing is worse than coming home from a grueling workout with what seems like every muscle aching, knowing that tomorrow you will have to wake up and do the same thing. Instead of popping Advil every few hours, reach for some CBD. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is an anti-inflammatory that can help restore any tissue damaged during a workout, so it doesn’t just mask the pain like conventional medicines. Rather, CBD combats pain and speeds up the recovery process. It can be taken by mouth or applied right to the sore area for natural relief!

Stress and Anxiety

No one gives their top performance while anxious. To be the best, it's important to stay focused and not spend energy analyzing the different outcomes of every situation. But since nobody is perfect, CBD can help manage your stress and anxiety before a big game! A small study conducted at the University of São Paulo found that CBD reduces social anxiety. Not only did participants report feeling better after treatment, but brain scans showed changes in their blood flow to the region of the brain linked to anxiety. This shows that CBD can relieve stress and alter the way your body reacts to anxiety.

Head Injuries

Nothing will put an athlete on the bench like a head injury. New research is constantly being unveiled about how damaging a concussion can be. Although head injuries can’t be avoided or predicted, they can be prepared for. In a three-year-long study of traumatic brain injuries in athletes, researchers found that patients who had previously used CBD as a remedy had a 9% better survival rate than those who did not, and if the patients continued using CBD after the injury their recovery time was much shorter.

Weight Management

As an athlete, diet is an important factor in performance, but we all have those days where nothing will satisfy hunger, but sweets. It might seem odd but CBD actually controls appetite since most people associate cannabis with excessive eating. CBD brings our body back into homeostasis, basically balancing the body and regulating everything, including appetite. So whether you are trying to lose or gain weight CBD can help!

Energy Levels

It's hard for athletes to find the perfect balance between maintaining energy through their long days while still getting a good night’s rest. Some supplements will keep you energized throughout the day but up tossing and turning at night. Typical sleep aids can result in oversleeping or feeling extra groggy in the morning, which is not ideal when you have to be up and moving early. Luckily CBD is a perfect balance! When taken in the morning or midday CBD increases alertness all while keeping the body and mind relaxed. When taken at night, CBD may actually enhance the quality of your sleep, since the mind will be stress and anxiety-free. Research has shown that CBD can also help reduce insomnia and REM sleep disorder.

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