August 22, 2018 2 min read

CBD is growing in popularity for it's healing properties and astounding fight against pain and inflammation. With such promise, is CBD a potential contender to go up against pharmaceuticals? Does it actually have the same or similar effect?

Prescription Pain Pills

While prescription painkillers are obviously chemically made to mitigate pain, they also have some pretty serious long-term consequences. Painkillers such as Oxycontin and Fentanyl are popularly prescribed by doctors after major surgeries or for serious pain reduction, but that comes with a price. These are opioids, meaning they release high amounts of dopamine creating a certain level of pleasure or relaxation that, over time, your body can start to crave. This means that long-term use of these drugs can cause addiction, depression, liver and kidney malfunction and dependency. While potentially a viable short-term option, it is no secreted that these opioid-based prescription pills are potentially damaging.

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With full spectrum CBD oil, there is potential to use CBD products to ward off addiction and be a suitable substitute for prescription meds. Known to alleviate pain, CBD has no addictive properties and actually benefits internal body functions. Studies have also shown that there are no negative long-term effects when using CBD products, making it an incredible and viable option in the medical field. In fact, CBD has been used to actually counter the effects, mentioned in the above (i.e depression, addiction, etc.), of prescription pain pills that have plagued some users. While CBD is becoming more popular and understood for physical pain relief, CBD is also great for fighting neurological disorders as well. The FDA has recently approved a CBD based medicine being tested and used to treat epilepsy. This is a huge stride towards the future promise of CBD being an efficient, healthy alternative for serious prescription pain pills.

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