April 18, 2019 1 min read

Great news! Evo Hemp is now happily partnered with Forest Coffee Trading Co. Forest Coffee Trading is a direct trade roasting company located in Denver, Colorado. They build relationships with small, independent farmers living in the northern Doi Chang village in Thailand. These farmers meticulously maintain their micro-lots and hand pick every coffee berry. Then, they are shipped directly from the village in Thailand to the Forest Coffee roaster and brewery in Denver, Colorado.

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Evo Hemp has partnered with the Forest Coffee Trading Company to infuse CBD into their flavorful cold brew coffee blends. CBD perfectly balances and compliments coffee as it keeps you feeling calm in the presence of caffeine, counteracting the jittery feelings that come with coffee while keeping the energy kick!

Fun fact— although Forest Coffee Trading is crafted meticulously and is unbeatable, simply adding a few drops of Evo CBD oil into normal coffee can provide a similar complimentary effect!

Evo Hemp
Evo Hemp