August 29, 2018 1 min read

A Versatile Material

Hemp is one of the most economical, sustainable, and eco-friendly crops available to us, today. The versatility is unparalleled and many entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways to take advantage of the many uses hemp can provide. One example of innovation comes from Scotland where a product design student and his business partner were able to fill a niche void in the sunglasses industry. After completing a successful Kickstarter campaign, the two were able to raise enough money to begin their "green" business.

Durable and Sustainable

By handcrafting each glasses frame out of hemp fibers, the end result is a durable, lightweight, and eco-friendly finished product. With each pair of glasses being produced, because they are made out of sustainable materials, they are 100% vegan and are able to be recycled. A friendly reminder how something as common and ordinary as sun/prescription glasses can benefit and be improved with new innovation being fueled by hemp. 
Evo Hemp
Evo Hemp