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Being a college student can be extremely stressful and tiring. Between writing essays, getting up for 8 am labs, and studying for midterms and finals, it can be difficult to find time to take care of yourself. For many students, college is their first time living on their own, so making healthy choices and getting enough vitamins and minerals can be tough too. Luckily, hemp and CBD  are becoming more readily accessible and affordable. 

What is hemp? What is CBD?

Hemp and CBD both come from the cannabis plant, although neither will get you high. Hemp is farmed industrially for its seeds, fibers, and core. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as a source of food and as a building material. Consuming hemp has a wide variety of health and dietary benefits, being that the plant’s byproducts are high in protein, fiber, and minerals. CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the cannabis plant, typically extracted from hemp. It has no psychoactive effects. Like hemp, CBD has many health benefits and can be used for medicinal purposes, relaxation, or even beauty. 

What are the benefits for students?

Both hemp and CBD boast a variety of health benefits for students. Hemp is a simple and great addition to any diet. It is vegan, easy to digest, and rich in minerals and antioxidants. Hemp can be consumed in several different ways including hemp protein, hemp seeds, and hemp seed oil. Hemp protein typically comes in a bar or powder format. It is an excellent source complete protein, is high in fiber, and is a great source of healthy fats. Hemp protein is a great choice for hardworking students because it improves brain function and protects against cognitive decline. It can easily be added to baking recipes or smoothies. Hemp seeds are another great option for students, as they are high in protein and contain many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, calcium, iron, and magnesium. They are beneficial to your skin, digestion, and immune system, helping to protect you against pesky colds in 200-person lecture halls. Raw or cooked, they are a great addition to your avocado toast in the morning. Hemp seed oil is another easy way students can consume hemp. Like hemp seeds and hemp protein, it is high in protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are amazing for your brain, skin, and body. Hemp seed oil can be drizzled over salads or used in cooking for an extra boost.

CBD is another great tool for students. Typically, CBD oil is consumed in soft gels or tinctures, which are usually diluted with a carrier oil such as hemp oil. It can be consumed directly by mouth or added to smoothies or other recipes. It can also be applied topically for targeted pain relief or moisturizing. CBD is great for students because it can help to relieve stress and aid in relaxation. It can also relieve symptoms of anxiety and help you to get a restful night of sleep the night before a big test. While relaxing, it will not make you sleepy, and on the contrary, may actually improve focus and brain function during class. When consumed regularly, it has been shown to drastically relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, which many college students deal with. CBD is all-natural, making it a great alternative to prescription pills, which can be draining and addictive. It is also effective at reducing pain and inflammation and can substitute over-the-counter and prescription pain medications. Adding CBD oil to your routine is a great way to take care of your mental and physical health. 

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