July 25, 2018

The new debate is hemp versus cotton. Now that the hemp industry is growing rapidly, we are finding new ways to use the plant to our advantage. One of which being textiles and fabrics. Through research, we have been seeing significant numbers that prove hemp to be a better option than cotton.

3 Reasons Why Hemp Is Better

  1. Water Usage

Cotton requires 1400 gallons of water for every pound produced, versus hemp that needs less than half of that. Plus, with that saved water hemp is able to produce 200%-250% more than cotton.

  1. Pesticides

To grow cotton, many, many pesticides are used to produce the plant. The downside to cotton is even though we aren’t consuming the pesticides, they are, still, being absorbed into the skin when we are wearing it. Whereas hemp needs no pesticides at all! It is able to grow and overpower any weeds, meaning to chemicals needed.

  1. Comfortability

Cotton starts out soft, but we’ve all been there where, after a while, our shirts aren’t as soft as they used to be and the comfort isn’t there like it used to be. Hemp is the opposite. The more use the clothing gets, the softer it becomes. Plus, hemp fibers are much stronger and durable than cotton, making it harder for the fibers to break down, like they do in cotton, after being washed multiple times.


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