August 10, 2018

Yes! By now, we all know and have been shown overwhelming support and evidence that CBD can have a significant impact on helping those who are battling physical or mental health issues. But what about those who are lucky enough to be living active healthy lifestyles?

Just like taking vitamins, CBD can be thought of as a supplement you take to boost your body's overall performance. There are many different strengths and a variety of ways to ingest CBD offering users complete control over their daily regiment. Weather you're recovering from physical activity, or just want a good source of antioxidants CBD can help the everyday user.

Ways To Ingest CBD

It's easy to use CBD oil extracts daily. The most common way to get your daily dose of CBD is through a tincture dropper. Three drops under the tongue day and night should give your body and mind the lift it's looking for. But remember consistency is key, for best results stay strict on your daily intake. Maybe you're not huge fan of the traditional methods and want a super simple and quick way to get your CBD. If this is the case ,CBD soft-gels are a great solution. Quick tasteless and effective. If neither of these methods are doing it for you a great way to incorporate you daily CBD is to take a tincture and mix it into your water, smoothie, tea or coffee. Put a few drops in each morning and night and keep your body running smooth.

CBD Strengths

If you are using CBD for daily activities and to give your body and mind an overall boost, but not necessarily using it for medicinal purposes, you'd want to use it daily and would probably want to stay in the lower to mid range milligram counts. This is typically between 200mg-500mg (note* keep in mind this is not referring to the serving size, but rather the entire milligram count per bottle).



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