November 23, 2018 2 min read

We know that CBD has a host of great benefits for humans, but how about for your pets? Well, it turns out that what CBD has to offer for humans also helps animals. We all want the best for our pets, so why not help them feel great with CBD? Here are a few benefits of CBD that will improve your furry friend’s life!

  1. CBD oil relaxes pets

CBD oil has the same soothing, anxiety-reducing effect on animals that it has for humans. This is of great use if your pet gets separation anxiety, stranger danger, or noise phobia, to name a few! Also, this relaxing effect helps your pet to have better, more restful sleeps.

  1. Pain reliever

CBD oil can ameliorate the aches and pains that your pet may experience from a long day of fetch or just regular wear and tear! It soothes the muscles and reduces nerve-related pain and inflammation. Additionally, CBD can help your pet recover from injuries quickly!

  1. Great for old dogs

The amazing health benefits that CBD offers to elderly humans work for elderly pets! CBD keeps the cells sharp, preventing brain deterioration. Also, it has preventative qualities for neurodegenerative diseases that are the equivalent to Alzheimer’s in humans.

  1. Heart health!

CBD promotes a healthy heart. It can reduce the extremity of your pet’s damaged blood vessels and prevent plaque build up in the arteries, keeping cholesterol at a healthy level.

  1. Cancer prevention

CBD has been shown in multiple studies to have an anti-cancer effect, preventing the growth of cancer cells. Also, CBD can inhibit the growth of tumors. Also, if your pet has cancer and is on medication, CBD can soothe the side effects of medication, making it a less harsh experience.

  1. Appetite Increase

CBD oil can reduce nausea as well as increase appetite, which is great for an older dog who seems to have lost interest in food. Humans who have participated in studies say that not only did their appetite increase, but food actually tasted better after consuming CBD oil.

  1. Reduces Seizures

CBD oil has been known to greatly improve the conditions of children and dogs living with seizure disorders. With a dosage a day, the number of seizures can be greatly reduced, allowing your pet to live a much higher functioning life. 

  1. Safe for your pets!

A common misconception about CBD is that it has the same psychoactive effects as marijuana. However, this is not true. Also, most CBD products for pets are aimed towards dogs, but CBD is also safe for your cat!

We recommend our 250mg CBD tincture for your pet. A dose range of 1mg-6.25mg should be sufficient depending on the size of the animal. 

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