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Here at Evo Hemp, we care about your health. Since the majority of our office is made up of men, we would address some of the most common health problems that men face and compare the effectiveness of treating each of these issues with cannabidiol (CBD) versus hemp. This blog will address heart disease, erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer, depression, and diabetes.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men in the USA. In 2013, heart disease killed 321,000 men. 70-89% of sudden cardiac events occur in men. Doctors have listed that the most common causes of heart disease include diabetes, being overweight, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Research has also found that eating red meat has been linked to heart disease. Vegetarians and vegans have the lowest risk of heart disease.

How Hemp Helps! 

Research has highlighted several benefits of CBD on the cardiovascular system, primarily the ability to reduce high blood pressure which has been linked to stroke and heart attacks. CBD has stress and anxiety-reducing properties, which could be responsible for lowering blood pressure. CBD can reduce inflammation and has cell regeneration properties, which could ease the symptoms of heart disease. 

Hemp seeds are rich in essential nutrients such as omegas that have anti-inflammatory effects, essential amino acids to help produce nitric oxide which aids in reducing blood pressure and vitamin E which is a known antioxidant. Hemp seeds may reduce the risk of heart disease due to the lowering of blood pressure. 

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered to be a physical problem for men from around age 40. It affects around 5% of 40-year-old men and 15% of men have ED by the time they reach 70. The most common causes of ED have been linked to smoking, high blood sugar, heart disease, and old age. There are also cavernosal dysfunction and emotional triggers such as depression, anxiety and past sexual traumas that can cause ED in younger men.

How Hemp Helps! 

CBD can be used to relax the body while keeping the brain alert. It can be used to combat stress, anxiety, pain and poor health, which in turn can aid in ED issues from a mental and physiological standpoint. CBD can also be used as a detox tool, which may help in cleansing the toxins from a modern ‘masculine’ diet (meats, processed foods, alcohol). 

One in six men will getprostate cancer in their lifetime, which affects over 3 million US men a year. Luckily, most men will not die from it. It usually affects men over 50 years old and seems to run in families, suggesting a genetic factor (but could also be environmental, since families tend to have similar lifestyle habits). While doctors recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly to reduce the likelihood of developing prostate cancer, cancer can still be caused by DNA mutations in the cells. 

How Hemp Helps! 

CBD extract is a great, natural option if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer (or any type of cancer). We, as humans have an endocannabinoid system that is inbuilt as a biological system that is capable of interacting with active chemical compounds, like THC (found in marijuana) and CBD. Our endocannabinoid system regulates key aspects of our biology such as blood sugar and temperature - not allowing it to fluctuate too much, which is vital for our health and well being. CBD contains minimal levels of THC so it cannot get you high but has healing and soothing properties that may help relieve symptoms of cancer (and tough cancer treatments) which include pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction and more.

Depression affects more than 6 million men in the USA every year, although the number could be much higher as many men fail to recognize the symptoms of depression and seek treatment. Depression has traditionally been treated with aggressive pharmaceutical drugs. These have pretty nasty side effects, including suicidal thoughts and an increased risk of suicide, drowsiness, insomnia, headaches and the potential for substance abuse and addiction.

How Hemp Helps!

CBD offers a natural calming effect, reducing anxiety and depression while improving sleep. It does not interfere with most other medications (check with your doctor prior to taking CBD) but may work in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system to regulate serotonin levels, which is responsible for mood and behavior. 

Hempseed hearts have many nutritional benefits and are a particularly excellent source of GLA (gamma-linoleic acid) which can decrease inflammation of depression, autoimmune and hormonal imbalances. Eating hemp may improve the diet by adding whole plant protein instead of processed protein sources and balancing out toxins in the body. 

1.5 million Americans are diagnosed withdiabetes every year. Type 1 diabetes commonly presents itself in childhood or the teenage years and is probably caused by a genetic predisposition. Type 2 diabetes, however, is usually diagnosed at a much older age (around 40’s but has been known to develop in young adults) and is the result of obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise. It causes major health complications and can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. 

How Hemp Helps! 

Adding more hemp to your diet could help neutralize the effects of a poor diet and may reduce the risk of major complications in those with diabetes. Hemp seeds contain up to 33% plant protein and 35% essential fatty acids which provide us with nutritional benefits making it a versatile health food. Hemp seeds also contain Super Omega 3 - stearidonic acid, and Super Omega 6 - Gamma Linolenic Acid which is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, hemp is broken down through the endocannabinoid system, which may improve blood glucose control and balance blood sugar for diabetics.

Take Away

Of course, the best way to prevent health issues is to live a balanced lifestyle. Medical professionals agree that the best way to keep healthy is to exercise regularly, eat more vegetables and plants, eat fewer animal-based and processed foods, avoid excessive alcohol, get enough sleep, take time to be in nature and spend time with friends. 

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