September 18, 2018 1 min read

In the midst of a full-on Bee, crisis hemp could be the unlikely hero. Bee's are responsible for about 80% of all pollination worldwide. In fact, a single colony of bee's can pollinate millions of flowers each day and 70/100 crops consumed by humans are specifically pollinated by bees. Needless to say, we need these little guys around but unfortunately, their numbers are dropping at an alarming rate due to harmful pesticides, climate change, and habitat destruction. 

So how does the relate to hemp?

Well, hemp is unique in that it requires significantly fewer resources to flourish, promoting less habitat destruction and little to no pesticide use. These combined make an ideal environment for bees and other insects to live happy and healthy. Hemp also contains all the necessary vital nutrients bees require as the plant is able to detoxify the soil as it grows because of its large carbon makeup. 

By adding hemp to their crops farmers could see a significant improvement in their crops and be one small step closer to ending the honey bee crisis. 

Evo Hemp
Evo Hemp