August 16, 2018 2 min read

So, you've heard of CBD and the awesome potential for health and healing it can provide. But when you've tried it once or twice and you're not feeling it's effects. How come?

CBD provides an abundant amount of beneficial uses for humans and pets alike, but you have to remember, we consider CBD a supplement - not a medicine. Although it provides many alternative and natural medicinal purpose's, which you should always consult a medical professional before pursuing, it's important to understand how to take CBD, and how your body reacts, for the full effect.  

How often are you taking CBD?

There are many people who hear about the awesome potential of CBD but aren't totally committed to taking it regularly. Take protein and working out for example. If you work out often and drink a protein shake once, you won't yield the same results you would if you were to drink protein every time you go to the gym. You may feel good for a short period of time, but it won't see long lasting improvement. Same goes for CBD products, consistency is the name of the game, especially if you are starting at lower doses. 

How Many Milligrams Of CBD Are You Taking?

Lower doses... the next big factor when it comes to feeling the effects of CBD. It's difficult to recommend what CBD milligram count an individual should be taking, as everyone will react differently. However, if you're a first time CBD user and are just exploring some of the potential these CBD products offer, as opposed to some more serious needs (i.e fighting cancer, depression etc.), it is usually recommended you start at a lower dose. As a general rule of thumb starting low and working your way up is smart. So, if you're not feeling the effects of your lower milligram count, and you're using CBD consistently, simply increase your strength until you get the desired effect or relief you're looking for. *Remember, CBD does not get induce any psychoactive effect and is rather used more for its healing properties. 

Other Factors

Another common reason you might not be feeling the full effect of your CBD is simply that, you're ONLY using CBD. There is a large difference between CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD that could be contributing to your lackluster experience. To learn more about the differences and why it might help to switch to a Full Spectrum alternative click here.

Finally, you may not be getting the desired relief you seek from your CBD because, well, your buying low-quality product. The CBD industry is booming, and as such, there are many companies claiming to sell high-quality CBD products, when the reality is, they're crap. We encourage you to do your research and make sure you're buying high-quality CBD that will actually benefit you and your health. A simple and easy way to verify what you're purchasing is to look for batch records or third-party quality testing. These are in place to make sure the CBD consumers are buying is top grade and properly extracted. 


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