Evo Hemp Hearts

$ 11.49
Evo Hemp Hearts

Evo Hemp Hearts

$ 11.49

Evo Hemp Hearts are good for you and great for our country. They’re easy to use, taste delicious and are packed full of nutrients. One serving of Evo Hemp Hearts contains 10 gram of protein, 7.5 gram of Omega-6 LA and 3 gram of Omega-3 LA. Grown and processed in the United States.

Sprinkle Evo Hemp Hearts on salads, vegetable dishes, pasta, popcorn, or your morning yogurt and cereal for added flavor and a nutritional boost.

Add Evo Hemp Hearts to your smoothie as an easy way to increase protein, fiber, and omega-fatty acid intake. Blend with water and vanilla extract to create hemp milk.

Create nutrient dense pesto, hummus, guacamole and salad dressings with the addition of Evo Hemp Hearts to your favorite recipes.

Kick start your baked goods with protein and fiber by adding Evo Hemp Hearts to your breads, muffins, cakes or homemade granola bars.

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Today small farmers find it nearly impossible to keep up with their debts and operating expenses.

  • Economy

    By pooling value-added goods and offering fair prices, we’re helping small U.S. family farmers earn four times the income per acre.

  • Water

    When switching to industrial hemp, our farmers were able to reduce their water consumption by 50%.

  • Soil

    Hemp enriches the farmers top soil by pulling up minerals from the ground and provides an essential rotation crop. 

  • Community

    Our local food systems offer potent sources of community revitalization, while restoring lost social connections.

Evo Hemp Hearts
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