Can Hemp Food Products Get You High?

Can Hemp Food Products Get You High?

Apr 18th 2023

Hemp products, like hemp seed oil and hemp seeds, are made from industrial hemp plants. These hemp plants contain very low levels of THC. These levels are nearly undetectable and will not product a "high" or any mind-altering effects. 

Hemp food products like hemp protein, hemp seeds or hearts, and hemp seed oil have many benefits and are easy to incorporate to your everyday diet. Hemp food products are great sources of protein, healthy fats, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. 

Hemp proteins contain all nine essential amino acids, are high in fiber, is easy digestible, and even boost brain health. Hemp protein is easy to add to snack bites, oatmeals, smoothies, and more. 

Hemp hearts have similar benefits, and our Hempivores and customers love adding them to salads, toasts, and more! They have a neutral flavor and are an easy way to add a superfood to your diet. 

Hemp seed oil is a great source of healthy fats, and since it does have a fairly low smoke point, we recommend drizzling it over salads, or adding to dips and spreads. 

Hemp has a wide variety of benefits no matter you incorporate it, and despite being made from industrial hemp, these products will not have any mind-altering effects.