How CBD Can Help With PMS And Issues Related To Menstrual Cycle

How CBD Can Help With PMS And Issues Related To Menstrual Cycle

Hemp has faceted the attention of the world with its wonderful health benefits. Studies across the world aim to understand the true medicinal potential of this plant and harness its benefits. Hemp is making a name for itself in medicinal science and is beginning to compete with traditional pharmaceuticals. One aspect of hemp is its assistance with pain relief, making it an alternative option for over the counter medicines like ibuprofen or aspirin that have many more potential health complications. Hemp has the power to relieve pain, including the pain that comes with PMS such as headaches, mood swings, and cramps.


CBD is an active cannabinoid present in hemp which is responsible for the various health benefits that are associated with the plant. The use of hemp for treating PMS dates back to 16th-century Chinese medical texts according to a review¹ shared in 2002.

Hemp was used as a medicine to assist with period cramps and menstrual pain according to the scripts. Given there is very little ongoing research towards women's health, the knowledge of using marijuana to cure PMS symptoms comes from general research.

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CBD oil has been an active part of pain relief for both acute as well as chronic pain. By taking advantage of the pain relief characteristics of cannabinoids, we can use CBD oil as an effective tool against menstrual cramp pains. A study² conducted in 2017 concluded that CBD can also help reduce the emotional effects of pain. Clearing your mind³ with CBD has been proven beneficial as it is a powerful ingredient in providing relief for headaches, backaches, etc; which are also associated symptoms of PMS.

Additionally, being a powerful antioxidant, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that will help treat various other symptoms related to this time of the month. A study⁴ published in The Journal of Clinical Investigations suggests that these anti-inflammatory properties can even help to treat acne, which is another common PMS symptom. CBD oils⁵, balms, and creams are available in the market today for use internally or topically.

Gastrointestinal Treatment

Other common problems associated with PMS are bloating, nausea and constipation. CBD oil can help treat stomach queasiness especially related to chemotherapy as per a study⁶ conducted in 2011. This could be useful for women experiencing nausea before menstrual cycles, or just general discomfort.

Mood Swings and Sleep

Mood swings are the most typical symptoms associated with PMS. Hormonal imbalances in the body during the PMS time frame is the reason behind the swings. CBD is often related to the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders as various studies⁷ on the treatment of depression have shown positive effects after usage of CBD oil from black diamond strain⁸. Unlike THC, which is psychoactive, CBD is a mild compound that can help treat these symptoms effectively with no side effects.

Sleep Disorders

Additionally, CBD is often suggested for people suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Having quality sleep is important for the body to stay healthy and function efficiently, however, a common issue associated with PMS is a lack of quality sleep. A study⁹ on rats in 2013 showed that CBD oil can increase sleep timing and quality; a benefit that could be particularly useful during the menstrual cycle.

In Conclusion...

Currently, various hemp-based products are entering the market with the aim of controlling PMS symptoms. While hemp-derived products such as CBD oils show promising results, consuming hemp seeds is also considered an effective way to treat symptoms of PMS. But ultimately there is no scientific research that backs this claim as of yet.

However, users across the globe have shared encouraging results thus far. In general, CBD holds a huge advantage over typical over-the-counter pills as it is natural and has relatively no side effects compared to pharmaceuticals. CBD oil is also non-addictive, people are extremely unlikely to build a tolerance to it, and there has been no evidence that it is possible to overdose on. Plus, CBD protects the body from exposure to man-made chemicals and toxins which can have negative side effects in the future. With more research to support the various possibilities, CBD could enter as a potential way of treating the various symptoms associated with PMS naturally.