How Do I Cook With Hemp Seed Oil?

How Do I Cook With Hemp Seed Oil?

Evo Hemp Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the raw shelled hempseed for a delicate nutty flavor. No other vegetable oil offers essential fatty acids at such high concentrations. While you don't want to make stir-frys with this oil, you can absolutely make endless recipes with this delicate green magic. 

Hemp has the ideal 3:1 Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio, which helps with many different skin issues, can reduce cholesterol, help heal skin cells, and may even prevent skin cancer. 

Evo Hemp has also created Hemp Seed Oil+, which has all the benefits of regular hemp seed oil but contains 15mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. This adds a little CBD to your day without the bitter taste of the extract.

It is very easy to cook with hemp seed oil. To obtain the most nutritional benefits of eating hemp seed oil, you should try to eat it cold. When hemp seed oil is cooked at a high temperature, it smokes, which breaks down the oil, changes the taste and removes the key nutrients. Therefore, you shouldn’t heat hemp oil to more than a lukewarm temperature.

Luckily, hemp seed oil is delicious when drizzled on top of salads, vegetables or pizza. It can be a great base for salad dressings, and a lovely alternative to olive oil when added to quinoa and rice. You can also blend the oil into soup, smoothies or dips such as hummus and pesto. If you feeling really experimental you can pour hemp seed oil over a bowl of ice cream à la Jamie Oliver, who said it gives the ice cream a lovely nutty, subtle flavor!