noun:the act or process of improving something; a positive change


Now more than ever, we strongly believe that businesses have a responsibility to do better. We believe that doing better is about taking action to serve as vital catalysts for social and environmental progress for you today, and for future generations.

We honor and live this commitment every day by giving 1% of sales to the human, social and environmental change we want to see in the world and by upholding our Betterment philosophy:






Supporting human health


Core to our brand and ethos is the notion that self-care isn’t selfish. We believe that when you are healthy and happy, it has a profound impact on the world around you. So we create products and tools that help you take care. It’s as simple — and powerful — as that.

The scientific landscape of plant-based wellness and cannabinoid knowledge is ever-evolving, and investments in new research are required for emerging hemp and cannabis findings. These are some of the people and institutions on the front lines of discovery and knowledge in cannabinoid and human health research. Together, we can help to unlock the true therapeutic potential of these plants.

Our Commitment to Transparency and Improvement

We know that our business activity — from powering our office and crafting product to working with people every day — has a real impact. We believe in hyper-transparency, and are committed to the truth and the openness that you deserve. As we build out our Betterment Report, which includes sustainability and impact reporting, we’ll keep you up-to-date on our efforts and progress.

When we all do better, we all do better. We invite you to be a part of that with us.