We are truth seekers and wellness warriors who believe health is a human right.

That’s why supporting and championing cutting-edge science and research, and aligning ourselves with a community of experts and thought leaders across all disciplines is so important; it drives the innovation that allows this possibility.

The scientific landscape of cannabinoid knowledge and plant-based wellness is ever-evolving. And both political and cultural barriers have certainly played a role in the “slow” progress and lack of medical understanding up to this point. But now is the moment; we’re committed to being a catalyst for change.

And that kind of extraordinary aspiration requires extraordinary


We’re aligning ourselves with a network of industry professionals and forging meaningful collaborations with world-class doctors, experts, academia, hospitals and research institutions. And they’re not only health pioneers, they’re exceptional humans looking to ensure hemp and plant-based wellness have a transformative impact on humanity. We seek counsel on our product development and formulations, educational efforts, and to stay in tune with break-through research and health findings.


Together, we can foster health and empower the wisdom of plants to serve humanity.

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