evo hemp crunch

This snack packs a serious crunch and delicious  flavor thanks to a tasty blend of herbs and spices! Evo Hemp Crunch is a great alternative to chips, croutons or granola and made with USA grown hemp and chia. These super seeds are coated in seasonings and baked to crunchy perfection.

evo hemp hearts

USA grown shelled hemp seeds are good

for you and great for our country. They’re

easy to use, taste delicious and are packed

full of nutrients. Hemp hearts are great a

topper for cereal, yogurt, salads and


USA Hemp Hearts 

evo hemp protein

USA grown hemp protein is a great way to

build your muscles and rebuild your nation

too. An easy to digest, complete plant-

based protein, that’s supported by

enzymes, fiber, minerals and omega 3’s.

USA Hemp Protein


evo hemp oil

USA grown hemp oil promises opportunity for 

family farmers and provides you with essential

nutrients. Hemp oil has the perfect ratio of

Omega-6 to Omega 3's. Enjoy hemp oil with salad

dressing, smoothies, dips and more.

USA Hemp Oil

evo hemp bars

Pure fruits nuts and seeds sustain your

energy and satisfy your taste buds on

the go. The essential oils, protein, 

flavonals and minerals give your healthy

body what it needs.


Variety Box


Sample Box


Cashew Cacao

Cherry Walnut

Apple Pecan

Cacao Dragon


Mango Macadamia



Pineapple Almond