We are tenacious, uplifting changemakers in the relentless pursuit of better. We seek to create big, meaningful, wildly impactful solutions. And we believe evo hemp is our best ever.


verb: to better the spiritual, social or intellectual condition of

noun:a social movement to improve, especially morally or culturally


Ari Sherman

A brand, consumer product and digital media expert with a passion for mission-driven business, Ari’s strategic leadership and operational acumen were recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2017 as a member of the 30 Under 30 alumni. His unparalleled commitment to driving businesses and teams forward is matched only by his ability to do so with the utmost integrity and care.


Jourdan Samel

A graduate of the University of Denver's Business School, award-winning entrepreneur and activist on a mission to use business to improve health, Jourdan has been a leading advocate for safe products, corporate accountability, and consumer wellness. Recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2017 as a member of the 30 Under 30 alumni, he is uniquely positioned to elevate the CBD industry.

evo hemp is our (and your) story of disruption, empowerment and reclamation.


We are fearlessly rising up against today's realities of stress, digital addictions, silent anxiety, incessant schedules, and the mental, physical and emotional imbalances we are battling today. At the core, we all need a paradigm shift. So this is our rally cry of transformation that’s beyond business.

Our northstar is empowerment - to help you reclaim better balance, more joy, greater healing and all the good of life.


We are wellness warriors, science champions, truth seekers, innovation designers, quality obsessives, and nature enthusiasts who believe that health is a fundamental human right, that self-care is health-care, and in the true power of plant medicine.

We Are The Uplifters.

Passionately and purposefully, we are driven to uplift science, nature, and health to serve humanity. We're committed to industry-defining integrity, the highest standards, humility, transparency, collaboration and trust.

Because when you’re living better, you trigger a meaningful ripple effect. And the whole world is a little (or a lot) better, because of you.  

Together, upward, we rise.