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When we talk about cannabinoids, we refer to the extremely complex compounds present in cannabis, which promote rigorous functioning and hyperactivity of neurons in the brain, hence leading to the psychoactive and physiological effects cannabis has on one's mind and body. However, CBD, cannabidiol is the best-known cannabinoids present in cannabis. There are several other primary cannabinoids which are present in the plant and perform several functions which are worth noting. Florida cannabis doctors¹ have conducted thorough research², and are coming up with more and more uses of these cannabinoids. 

These lesser known cannabinoids are:


CBC or Cannabichromene is non-psychoactive in nature. It has medicinal significance, as it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps the brain recover from fatigue. It is also proven to have the potential to prevent tumour growth, especially with it being found to have properties that when used in synergy with CBD, have the potential to limit the growth of breast tumours. CBC also has potential as an antidepressant, i.e. a patient treated with a dosage of CBC will be relieved of depression and will have a significant elevation in mood. CBC is most effective when paired up with other cannabinoids. 

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CBN is short for Cannabinol. This compound has medical properties too which, however, are unlike those of CBC. Cannabis is known for its potential for glaucoma treatment, and it is CBN that gives it this ability. CBN can also lead to increase in appetite and relief from pain due facilitation of endorphin release. It can also be used as a sedative and can form a worthy alternative to valium or morphine with a good dose. These properties make it an effective tool for medical use given its vast versatility. 


Cannabigerol or CBG is one of the first cannabinoids to develop in the cannabis plant. It is also non-psychoactive in nature, like CBC and CBD. CBG, when used in the isolated state, has antimicrobial properties, and is an antibiotic. It also has extremely effective pain relieving properties as it controls endorphins. Similar in its abilities to prevent to some extent the outgrowth of a tumour and also as an antidepressant to CBC, it is useful and easy to use when the plant is young and not fully mature. CBG also has value in its ability to treat skin diseases such as psoriasis.  


CBDv or Cannabidivarin is a scarce element of the cannabinoids present in cannabis. It is similar to CBD but its shape varies slightly on a structural unitary level. It has the ability to counter epilepsy and prevent hallucination. It also helps prevent nausea and other brain fatigue side effects. Patients suffering from gastric problems are treated with a dosage of CBDv along with CBD. Information on this cannabinoid is limited as of now due to the current nature of research and development. 


By Crystal Wilson



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