3 Ingredient Brownie Bites

3 Ingredient Brownie Bites

Embark on a journey of wholesome indulgence with these 3-Ingredient Hemp Brownie Bites, offering a harmonious blend of rich chocolate flavor and the nutritional benefits of hemp seeds. Crafted with just three simple ingredients - bananas, cocoa powder, and evo hemp Hearts - these brownie bites deliver a decadent treat with minimal effort. The natural sweetness of bananas provides a soft, chewy texture, while cocoa powder imparts deep chocolatey richness. Nutrient-rich hemp seeds add a delightful nutty crunch and a boost of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.


• 2 large ripe bananas
• 2/3 cup evo hemp Hearts
• 3/4 cup cocoa powder


• evo hemp Milk Chocolate


1. Mash banana, then add hemp hearts and cocoa powder powder.

2. Mix well. Scoop out into balls and bake at 350 F for 20-ish minutes.

3. Melt evo hemp Milk Chocolate and dizzle on top.

Recipe by Bethany Ugarte (lilsipper)