Hemp Tofu

Hemp Tofu

Elevate your plant-based cooking with this Hemp Tofu recipe, a wholesome and versatile alternative to traditional tofu. I decided to get creative in the kitchen (what else is knew) and create a soy free version of tofu! Why? Well, many stay away from soy for different reasons (paleo diets, allergy, hormones, or the simple fact that most soy is GMO).

Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other beneficial nutrients, Hemp Tofu offers a deliciously wholesome addition to any plant-based diet, providing both flavor and nourishment in every bite.


• 2 cups evo hemp Hearts
• 1 cup room temp water
• 2 scoops gelatin

Opitonal Ad-Ins

• pink salt to taste
• garlic powder
• Italian seasonings
• squeeze of lemon


1. Blend hemp seeds and water until creamy and smooth. Taste, add / adjust seasonings to taste if using.

2. Add gelatin and gelatin and blend again.

3. Pour puree into a dish lined with wax or parchment paper and refrigerate at least 2 hours or until firm to the touch. Store in fridge 4-5 days (you can also freeze it!).

Nutrition Facts

I’m not one to count calories, but I was curious as to how much protein there was in this recipe. So here’s a few highlights.
For the ENTIRE recipes:

Protein 137g
Carbs 36g
Fiber 20g

Recipe by Bethany Ugarte (lilsipper)